Niehl 3 power plant grid tie-in in Cologne, Germany

Niehl 3 power plant grid tie-in in Cologne, Germany

The grid connection of Niehl 3 450 MW combined cycle power plant is via a phase shifting transformer, through which both the 380 kV transmission system as well as the 110 kV network of the City of Cologne are supplied in a controlled manner. The 380 kV grid tie-in was implemented as a combined overhead transmission line and cable link.

Fichtner assists RheinEnergie during planning and implementation of this grid tie-in.

Our services

  • Quality checks of 380 kV cable
  • Check of drawings
  • Planning construction of cable splicing locations and entry into the switchgear building
  • Check of cable ampacity
  • Tying in of system for cable screen current monitoring
  • Timetable coordination, interface management
  • Site supervision and commissioning coordination and oversight

Technical data

  • 380 kV buried cable connection: approx. 9 km; single-system, 9 sections up to 1200 m long, 24 splices; 636 MVA transmission rating; 1600 mm² Al conductor cross-section
  • 380 kV GIS (gas insulated switchgear): 4 bays; plug-in, dry (oil-free) sealing end type
  • 380 kV overhead power line: approx. 6 km; single-system with lattice towers
  • 380/110 kV phase shifting transformer: 220 MVA


RheinEnergie AG, Cologne, Germany