Conventional Power Plants

When planning thermal power plants, our clients put their trust in our decades of experience in all classical planning tasks, ranging from conceptual development through to site supervision and management of commissioning. Fichtner handles all contract sections, from civil and process engineering through mechanical engineering and up to electrical and I&C engineering.

Our in-depth knowledge of all influencing factors, processes and planning steps provides the basis for optimizing operation and evaluation of existing plants.

Alongside cutting edge technology and general economic efficiency, environmental protection and sustainability are a focus of our increasingly complex planning and consultancy services. Additionally, higher standards of plant safety and operator-friendliness and, in particular, on-time completion within budget requires today the utmost care and attention by our teams of experienced experts.

Principal power plant types:

  • Gas turbine and combined cycle power plants
  • Steam power plants
  • Dual-purpose seawater desalination and power plants
  • Industrial power plants
  • Waste-to-energy plants
  • Reciprocating engine power plants
  • CHP plants