Environmental Management

Environmental protection confronts companies with myriad challenges. Through management and structural consultancy, our interdisciplinary team assists both public sector clients and private companies in identifying environmental aspects and taking these fully into account.

We advise ministries and regulatory agencies in structuring environmental standards with international consultations on these for developing institutional framework conditions in the interests of a sustainable environmental policy and strategy.

In the field of climate change and climate protection consulting we have more than 15 years of experience, particularly on greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions to mitigate climate change. Consultancy is offered to corporations, project developers, public organizations, financial institutions and other organizations and covers a wide range of economic sectors such as energy generation, energy transmission and distribution, oil and gas, industry, and waste management and others.

For systematic acquisition and processing of the needed environmental data, our IT specialists develop sophisticated environmental information systems. Our consultants facilitate companies and public institutions in adopting a long-term enviro-political stance through appropriate environmental strategies and environmental management systems. To ensure occupational health and safety as well as environmental protection, our HSE experts advise on the risk potential for life, health and the environment.

Specific services:

  • Risk and safety analyses
  • Setting up and strengthening institutions (policy counseling)
  • Climate protection consulting
  • Environmental information systems
  • Environmental management systems
  • HSE (health, safety, environment) management