Energy Economics

In the field of energy economics, we pool our interdisciplinary expertise in the areas of energy technologies, energy markets and regulatory frameworks. The expansion of renewable energies, power-to-x and energy storage systems is increasing the complexity of energy systems. Our specialists use their methodological expertise in modeling and simulation to design, size and optimize sustainable energy systems.

For example, we assist energy supply utilities, state agencies and ministries in investigating how to reliably meet the future energy demand – while factoring in the political and social environment in relation to aspects such as goals of decarbonization and climate neutrality. For this purpose, we prepare technoeconomic analyses and energy market studies as well as analyzing, evaluating and enhancing government incentive programs.

We support industrial clients with our knowledge of commercial, technical, regulatory and ecological interrelationships. This includes, for example, analyzing the demand profile, investigating possible savings potentials to optimize energy purchases using flexibilities, storage solutions and power-to-x as well as identifying and implementing measures for CO2 reduction.

Specific services:

  • Energy-economic studies
  • Technoeconomic analyses and feasibility studies
  • Roadmaps for decarbonization and climate neutrality
  • Conceptual design of sustainable supply systems
  • Expert assessor for arbitration proceedings in the gas market
  • Master plans and roadmaps for energy supply
  • Advising on, monitoring and evaluating political incentive instruments
  • Market and tariff studies
  • Electricity price forecasts
  • Analysis of power plant competitiveness
  • Integrated infrastructure concepts