Integrated Water Resources Management

With the aim of sustainable water management and conservation of water resources, the Fichtner Group works on holistic solutions for responsible handling of drinking water with protection of groundwater, lakes, rivers and sea coasts, and prudent use of bodies of water.

This also includes framework water management planning in the course of which we assist our clients thanks to our many years of global experience. We prepare ideological appraisals and, when drawing up water balances, we investigate water yield and the share of this that can be exploited. For stand-alone consultancy contracts and as an integral part of our infrastructure projects, we investigate environmentally sound management and protection of flowing watercourses, standing bodies of water and sea coasts.

For infrastructure projects, we successfully address the technical and civil measures required for framework planning, with civil structures like dams and reservoirs, hydropower plants and spillways as well as river training and waterway traffic engineering, including locks, barrages and ports.

For complex flood protection projects, we combine the creation of natural water retention areas and distributed rainwater infiltration with civil construction measures. This is complemented by precautionary measures, such as preparing flood hazard maps, determining the potential for damage, drawing up protection plans and setting up early warning systems.

Key areas of activity:

  • Framework water resources planning
  • Watercourse management and protection
  • Hydraulic engineering
  • Flood control