Our geotechnics teams are made up of very experienced engineers and geologists who can conduct analyses in their own soil mechanics laboratory. Our expertise in geotechnics, geohydrology and dredging is documented by certification as offshore foundation soil experts to the standards of the Federal German BSH Maritime and Hydrographic Agency.

Counting to our core competencies are preparing subsoil reports with recommendations for foundations and conceptual design of auxiliary construction measures. In our own geotechnics lab, we conduct all required analyses for classifying soils. Counting among these are compression and shear tests and permeability investigations as well as in-situ tests in specially equipped field labs.

Other areas of expertise of our geotechnical engineers in the offshore sector are preparation of jacking appraisals for the biggest installation vessels in use in the wind energy sector. For this purpose, the penetration behavior of the support legs is investigated. In the wastewater and sanitation sector, our experts investigate subsoil conditions for sewer construction by innovative microtunneling techniques. Planning of land reclamation and hydraulic filling are our specialties which are complemented by civil engineering geology and hydrogeology as well the specialist areas of sediment recovery and infilling, morphodynamics and searches for unexploded ordnance.

Principal tasks:

  • Foundation soil assessment and soil mechanics (lab)
  • Geotechnical appraisals
  • Hydrogeological models
  • Onshore and offshore foundations
  • Pile dynamics and trial loadings