Permit Applications

When applying for permits for major infrastructure projects, many widely differing aspects have to be considered. Due to increasingly stringent legal requirements, high levels of public attention and the growing requirement for public consultation, this procedure is becoming ever more complex.

With our professional permit application management, we support our clients’ projects. This encompasses coordination of the entire permit application procedure, preparation of concept and feasibility studies, drawing up permit applications, consultations with permit-granting authorities and sectoral planning agencies, flanking support of the entire permit application procedure, and preparation for and participation in official and public hearings.

These services are rendered, for example, for major projects, like power plants, gas pipelines, HV transmission lines, major industrial and process plants, waste treatment plants, and traffic infrastructure.

Specific services:

  • Corridor routing studies
  • Siting studies and site analyses
  • Permit application management and coordination of procedures
  • Permit application planning
  • Applications for regional plan approval and permit-granting procedures