Power Transmission and Distribution

Planning and optimization of facilities for power transmission and distribution belong to our core activities. In this connection, we develop tailored all-inclusive solutions for AC and DC power transmission on all voltage levels worldwide. Relevant technologies are overhead lines, cables and gas-insulated transmission lines (GIL) as well as transformer substations, open-air switchgear and gas-insulated switchgear (GIS).

In addition to electrotechnical and network studies, we assist our clients in grid expansion planning and optimization of grid operations. We prepare calculations for network protection concepts. Subsequent to power failure analyses, we work out graded packages of countermeasures.

When tying HVDC transmission lines into existing three-phase networks, grid operators profit from our experience in creating and applying appropriate models. On an international level, Fichtner is a qualified and reliable partner for challenging HVDC projects and we have, for example, assisted clients in deploying VSC technology.

In the context of power supply, alongside tasks for transmission grids we also work out solutions for site power systems, process I&C specifically for power plants, and power system management.

In our Linear Infrastructure business division, we focus on major projects in connection with the German energy transition. In the construction and expansion of our electricity grids, we plan and support long-term construction projects for overhead lines and underground cables, often hundreds of kilometers in length throughout Germany.

Principal installation types:

  • Electrical networks
  • Power distribution networks
  • HV and EHV grids Switchyards
  • SCADA systems
  • Information and communication technology (ICT)
  • HVDC systems
  • Grid control systems / SCADA

Our business division Electrical Systems & Networks − watch the video:

HVDC Studies for VSC Links and hybrid transmission lines

The development of large-scale generation in remote locations in respect to the load centers requires a high transmission line capacity in order to evacuate the generated power to the loads. This leads to the need to increase the existing transmission network capacity. One of the options investigated by the utilities over the world is to use Hybrid HVAC/HVDC lines in order to cope with limited right of ways. Using existing infrastructure is ideal for dealing and arguing with public opposition to new power lines. Since new power lines can take transmission towers shared by different voltage systems into account during design, existing transmission lines and towers are usually not meant to be used for a HVDC system when designed to support HVAC circuits only.  

Fichtner is involved in studies for different projects using HVDC transmission technology, including the HVAC and HVDC on the same tower. The topic requires different considerations, from the transmission line and HVDC converter technology point of view. Fichtner experts are actively involved on working level in different international scientific organization, professional organizations and standardization bodies which deal with these special interdisciplinary topics and with emerging technologies (CIGRE; IEEE; IEC; CENELEC).