Mining and Minerals

For our planning and consultancy services on behalf of the mining and minerals sector, we focus on the interfaces between engineering planning, technology, business management and financing, in particular for mining, mine restoration and underground storage. Likewise playing a part are environmental aspects.

Our mining experts’ many years of experience encompass geological, technical and financial aspects, especially mining of bituminous coal, lignite and non-ferrous metals. Our services in this regard cover evaluation of resources and reserves under international CIM and JORC standards; geotechnical, commercial and environmental appraisals; as well as assessments of technical risk and environmental impacts. Further, we work out new development concepts for mineral extraction and for treatment plants, and assess the geological and technical aspects of underground storage of gases and liquids, like CO2, natural gas and water.

Also particularly worthy of note is our experience in conducting mine restoration projects, for which our support starts with investigation of environmental impacts and proceeds with development of restoration concepts up to monitoring implementation of the entire process.

Principal tasks:

  • Mineral extraction sector
  • Mineral geology
  • Mining operations planning
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Mine restoration
  • Post-mining landscaping
  • CO2 sequestration