Geothermal Energy

Heat pumps permit the exploitation of near-surface geothermal energy at depths down to 400 m for heat extraction. Deeper geothermal sources down to 3000 m can likewise be used for heat extraction but these serve above all for power generation. In this connection, a distinction can be made between hydrothermal and petrothermal systems, with the latter also referred to as hot dry rock systems. For sources in the lower temperature range, an organic Rankine or a Kalina cycle may find application.

When planning geothermal power plants, Fichtner offers all services for the complete above-ground part of the power plant, including thermal water treatment, geothermal well planning and the entire interface to the underground part. Also obtaining permits under mining and pollution control legislation as well as feeding in of the generated electricity to the grid are handled by Fichtner’s experts. For all services connected with the underground part Fichtner cooperates with experienced partners.

Specific services:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Techno-economic analysis
  • Preliminary planning and conceptual engineering of power plant and well location
  • Interface to underground part
  • Power plant design
  • Tendering and bid evaluation
  • Site supervision
  • Due diligence audits