Conceptual design and realization of geographical information systems with geodata management count to our core competencies. For over twenty years we have been working out highly effective GIS expert solutions for the energy, water and transportation sectors. These GIS applications serve in particular for acquisition, processing and evaluation of data, particularly in technically oriented applications like grid documentation and expansion planning.

We focus especially on intelligent cross-sectoral web and app solutions for analyzing spatial problems. These applications are fully integrated into the client’s system landscape and serve, for example, as a sales and management cockpit, for location analysis or for easily understandable visualization of complex key descriptors within the BigData context.

Specific services:

  • Design and realization of (geo)databases
  • Conceptual design and adaptation of standard GIS software
  • Spatial business process solutions / Business Geo Intelligence (BGI)
  • Cutting edge app solutions with 3-D and augmented reality
  • System integration
  • Geodata management: acquisition, measurement, photogrammetry, refinement, integration
  • Support for maintenance and operation (on premises or via the cloud)