Planning and Consulting in all Project Phases

Our clients can be confident that we will develop a sound decision-making basis and will assist them in all aspects of handling their projects up to a successful conclusion.

Acting as owner’s engineer, we provide planning and consultancy services for infrastructure projects throughout the entire value added chain. As lenders' technical advisor, too, we offer a full range of services in all project phases.

Analysis and Conceptual Design

We transform your project idea into a draft project layout and check through the options on the basis of various realization concepts. Further, we investigate technical feasibility and financial viability to provide the basis for potential project funding commitments.

  • market analyses
  • concept studies
  • feasibility studies
  • environmental impact assessments
  • siting studies and site investigations
  • techno-economic analyses
  • due diligences
  • master plans
  • integrated infrastructure concepts
  • plant concepts
  • preliminary design and conceptual engineering
  • plant operations concepts
  • IT concepts
  • technical assistance for research and development projects

Engineering and Contract Award

During this project phase, based on our preliminary planning and conceptual engineering, we first draw up basic planning documents and compile the permit application. The aim of detail engineering is then to prepare the tender documents, either for contract award in lots or for appointing a general contractor. To ensure procurement to the required quality and at reasonable cost within the specified timeframe, we also assist during tendering and contract award.

  • complete planning services
  • layout planning
  • selection of technology
  • permit management
  • permit application planning
  • detail engineering
  • drawing up plant specifications / compiling a requirements portfolio
  • compilation of tender documents
  • evaluation and comparison of bids
  • assistance during contract negotiations
  • recommendation for contract award
  • contract formulation


During project realization, alongside project management we undertake all typical site supervision tasks, like expediting and budgetary control, overseeing construction and installation, and quality control. As a follow-up to plant erection, oversight of commissioning and trial operation count to our tasks.

  • project management
  • project governance and interface coordination
  • checking technical project execution with quality control
  • check of drawings
  • construction oversight, site supervision and specialist supervision
  • overseeing shop and final acceptance tests
  • coordinating commissioning
  • supervising commissioning and trial operation
  • verifying plant output and performance
  • compiling documentation
  • warranty support  
  • safety analyses
  • coordinating workplace health and safety
  • training of operating staff

Operation and Asset Drawdown

Throughout the operating period and subsequent to this, for example for demolition, we assist our clients in exploiting their resources to the full.

  • monitoring plant operation
  • evaluating plant output and performance
  • examining guarantee and performance claims
  • optimizing processes and systems
  • optimizing commitment schedules
  • operation and maintenance concepts
  • environmental, risk and quality management
  • integrated management information systems
  • asset management
  • rehabilitation, expansion, asset drawdown and demolition programs
  • operating, management and environmental information systems
  • IT consultancy and solutions

Business Consultancy

Throughout all project phases, by virtue of their sector-specific experience, our consultants provide the required technical and commercial expertise. We configure and optimize business practices and procedures, and develop tailored IT solutions for this purpose.

  • project governance
  • project management
  • market analyses
  • tariff studies
  • support in project development
  • consultancy on strategy and organization
  • financial modeling
  • evaluation of investment projects
  • lenders' engineering
  • due diligences
  • company valuation
  • consultancy for mergers & acquisitions
  • consultancy for BOO/BOT projects