We have been planning and providing consultancy worldwide for hydropower projects for decades. We assist our clients in preparing studies and in new construction and rehabilitation projects throughout all phases, from preliminary study through execution to acceptance. For planning and implementing hydropower plants, our engineers handle component design, for example the design discharge for run-of-river power plants or optimal reservoir dimensioning in consideration of hydrology and projected electricity sales. The plants are so conceived that their environmental impacts and social costs are minimized, with economic performance having a high priority.

Acting as owner’s engineer, we assist our clients in compiling contractual and technical tender documents, implementation planning, and bid evaluation up to contract signing. Our engineers oversee erection of specific structures as well as the interfaces between civil works, steel hydraulics structures, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

For rehabilitation projects, our engineers can draw on a valuable stock of experience for the necessary assessment of plant components, in particular electrical and mechanical installations, and their residual service life for reliable operation

Thanks to our experts’ technical know-how in the hydropower sector, our services also as lender’s engineer are valued, for which impartial evaluation of new and existing power plants as well as monitoring of plant construction is called for.

Principal installation types:

  • Dams and barrages
  • Channels, tunnels, galleries and shafts, penstocks
  • Powerhouses and underground works
  • Reservoir sedimentation
  • Flood control
  • Low head plants
  • High head plants
  • Run-of-river hydropower plants
  • Hydropower plants with reservoir
  • Pumped storage power plants
  • Tidal power plants