Environmental Protection Technologies

Cutting edge process technology and process optimization ensure that the atmosphere, water and soils will not become polluted. Fichtner can boast expertise that has been built up over decades in emissions abatement in industrial facilities, regional air quality control planning and global climate protection.

Air quality control in industrial facilities focuses on the design and optimization of environmental and process measures for pollutant emission abatement, encompassing conceptual design and implementation of measures with optimization of flue gas cleaning plants in the sectors of energy, waste treatment and industry. Covered are all flue gas cleaning technologies, such as desulfurization, deNOx and particulate removal, for thermal power plants. These are complemented by combustion modification measures, for example fuel switching and low-pollution combustion technologies. Plant operators call on Fichtner for guidance on compliance with the strict pollutant emission standards.

For climate protection, right from the planning stage of modern power plants, future requirements for possible retrofitting of CCS equipment are considered in the form of capture-ready concepts.

Key areas of activity :

  • Flue gas, offgas and exhaust treatment
  • Low-pollution combustion technologies
  • Carbon capture and storage (CCS)