Energy Efficiency

On the levels of the German national economy and internationally, energy efficiency is a central component of the energy policy reorientation, with the greatest energy savings and cost reduction potentials currently to be found on the user side. For all energy applications, the question arises of whether energy sources are being used efficiently and if unnecessary energy consumption could be avoided. Alongside households, industry and the public sector, the possibilities for promoting energy efficiency concern above all commercial enterprises.

Fichtner’s experts provide extensive consultancy for energy efficiency. Whether this be for power generation, in production facilities, in commerce or in construction and buildings, we prepare energy analyses and undertake energy audits for our clients.

Specific services:

    • “Energy consultancy in small and medium enterprises” in accordance with the Federal German Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA)
    • Conducting energy audits under the Law on Energy Services (DIN EN 16247-1)
    • System efficiency concepts for all energy sources, economic sectors, organizational units and accounting areas
    • Analysis of a company’s entire energy situation, including building envelope, building services and fire protection
    • Identification of optimization potentials with regard to energy use and energy purchases