Energy Storage

Against the backdrop of the expansion of renewable energies, energy storage is gaining in significance. Thanks to its know-how, Fichtner can offer services to cover all relevant storage technologies. These range from established technologies, like pumped storage hydropower, through battery storage, thermal storage, up to innovative concepts like molten metal and hydrogen storage.

We support investors, banks and private companies in assessing energy storage projects under technical and commercial aspects. Alongside technical analyses, we model relevant markets for storage facilities, like the balancing power and electricity markets. For ministries and other institutions, we determine the potential of storage technologies and assess their suitability for a range of application scenarios.

The Fichtner Group possesses the know-how and the tools needed to tackle interdisciplinary assignments for all relevant storage technologies throughout the various project phases.

Specific services:

  • Feasibility studies for the application of energy storage technologies
  • Layout design, planning and plant design
  • Tendering and bid evaluation for battery storage facilities
  • GIS-based and automated determination of potential, e.g. for pumped storage hydropower on the basis of topology
  • Evaluation of economic performance: modeling the storage facility and its deployment together with income streams, e.g. balancing power market prices, electricity market spreads etc.