Energy Storage

In light of the expansion of renewable energies, the focus is increasingly shifting to energy storage. Fichtner offers comprehensive solutions for a wide range of storage systems. Our expertise ranges from state-of-the-art battery energy storage systems (BESS), which play a key role in the energy transition, through to tried-and-tested methods such as pumped storage plants and thermal storage. We cover not only established technologies, but also groundbreaking processes such as molten metal storage and hydrogen storage.

We support investors, banks and private companies in assessing energy storage projects under technical and commercial aspects. Alongside technical analyses, we model relevant markets for storage facilities, like the balancing power and electricity markets. For ministries and other institutions, we establish the potential of storage technologies and assess their suitability for a range of application scenarios.

The Fichtner Group has established itself as a global pioneer and trusted expert, particularly in the field of battery energy storage systems (BESS). Over 70 BESS projects with a total capacity of over 30 GWh in more than 30 countries worldwide are testimony to our leading position in this sector.

Our goal is to show you customized energy storage solutions that not only increase your energy efficiency, but also create sustainable added value for your projects. With our know-how across the entire spectrum of relevant storage technologies, we reliably support you throughout all project phases – from conceptual design through to implementation.

Specific services:

  • Techno-economic feasibility studies for the application of storage technologies, e.g. energy storage modeling
  • Layout, planning and design of storage facilities
  • Power system studies to determine the optimum location
  • Tendering, bid evaluation and contract drafting for battery storage facilities
  • Owner’s engineering for energy storage
  • Operation monitoring and optimization with our web-based Fichtner Engineering Suite
  • Advising on storage leasing agreements
  • GIS-based and automated determination of potential, e.g. for pumped storage hydropower on the basis of topology