Process I&C and Network Management

When constructing and rehabilitating environmental protection and process production facilities with their infrastructure, we handle all tasks involving automation technology including safety-oriented functions, for example up to SIL certification. This includes equipping the control rooms for process and operation management with state-of-the-art I&C systems and other ancillary installations.

For load dispatch and network control centers in transmission grids and power distribution systems, we plan the grid control systems. For these planning tasks, likewise considered among others are higher-level decision and optimization functions; energy and distribution management systems (EMS and DMS); substation control systems; workforce and operations management systems (WFM, OMS); geographical and equipment information systems (GIS, EIS); and secondary and tertiary control in the power grid with associated telecommunications systems, including remote reading (smart metering) of meters in transformer substations and at retail consumers.

In this connection, we also pay particular attention to the critical cybersecurity aspect of these systems in compliance with the current standards ISO/IEC 27001, DIN SPEC 27009 and ISO/IEC TR 27019, through support in the development and adoption of an information security management system (ISMS), and by systematic hardening of all system components.

Specific services:

  • Handling automation and I&C systems with all interfaces
  • Project management and governance
  • Migration and replacement of I&C systems
  • Conceptual planning and basic engineering for I&C systems, including estimates and CAPEX calculation
  • Drawing up technical specifications and compiling product requirement dossiers
  • Bid evaluation with recommendation of the most favorable bidder
  • Detail engineering
  • Checking and approving functional specifications and other documents submitted by the supplier
  • Site supervision and overseeing project execution for I&C installations
  • Project tracking and compilation of documentation