Power Sector Revitalization Project, Malawi

Power Sector Revitalization Project, Malawi

Through its Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), the USA is financing a project in Malawi to revitalize the country´s power sector and thus raise the availability and reliability of the electricity supply. In the context of this energy project that up to now is the biggest in the country, Fichtner acts as Owner’s Engineer for new construction and rehabilitation of various transmission lines and switchgear installations as well as a hydropower plant.

Our services

  • Preparing a feasibility study
  • Drawing up specifications and compiling tender documents
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Site supervision

Technical data

  • Transmission line voltage levels: 400, 132, 66, 33, 11 kV
  • Transformer substations: 400/132, 132/66/33/11, 66/33, 66/11, 33/11 kV
  • Hydropower plant rating: 36 MW


Millennium Challenge Account – Malawi (MCA-Malawi)