Selected project examples

Grid connection of offshore wind farms, Germany

Grid connection of offshore wind farms, Germany

The offshore wind farms in the German North Sea are linked under various connection projects to the German EHV grid. Each connection project comprises an offshore platform with converter on the high seas with connection cables to the wind farms, HVDC cable links to the AC/DC converters on land employing voltage source converter (VSC) technology, and switchgear as well as operating and network control systems at sea and on land. Fichtner assists in technical handling and project management. For putting the projects into operation, Fichtner provides experts who are deployed in onshore substations and offshore converter platforms.

Photo: TenneT

Our services

  • Project governance services
  • Time scheduling/expediting and budgetary planning/control
  • Risk management
  • Site supervision and coordination of the technical project team in the field
  • HSE and occupational safety coordination on site
  • Assistance during trials and commissioning
  • Operational and maintenance services

Technical data

  • Approx. 7 GW connection and infeed power
  • 380 kV outdoor switchyards for connection to existing transformer substations
  • 250 kV, 300 kV, 320 kV DC onshore and offshore cabling
  • Offshore platforms with DC/AC conversion and 155 kV HVAC switchgear
  • 155 kV HVAC cabling from the offshore platforms to the connection points of the offshore wind farms


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