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ProVAN services for onshore grid expansion in Germany

ProVAN services for onshore grid expansion in Germany

Fichtner assists TenneT TSO in implementing its onshore grid expansion in Germany by providing services during the permitting, preparation, execution and site supervision phases of the projects, whereby the site supervision services are further separated into a lot covering overhead lines and a lot covering cables. These projects are located in the Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony/Hesse, and Bavaria regions of Germany. The scope of services involved covers a broad range of contract sections and subsections.

Our services

  • Overseeing regional planning and official plan approval procedures
  • Assisting with foundation planning and construction preparation
  • Implementing construction
  • Site supervision for overhead lines
  • Site supervision for cables

Technical data

  • 220 kV
  • 380 kV


TenneT TSO GmbH, Bayreuth, Germany