Selected project examples

Project management of the C/sells research project, Germany

Project management of the C/sells research project, Germany

The C/sells research project is a demonstration project for developing scalable model solutions for the energy transition. It involved developing a cellular energy system with high proportions of renewable energies for a climate-friendly, efficient and secure energy supply and demonstrating it on a large scale in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Hesse. The goal was to regionally optimize the generation and consumption of solar and other energy sources by means of a sustainable energy infrastructure which is divided into cells. More than 50 partners and a large number and variety of prosumers in southern Germany tested this future energy system, resulting in more than 50 smart grid model solutions capable of being deployed on a mass scale.


Fichtner IT Consulting handled the overall coordination of the project, oversaw the more than 50 consortium partners and represented the consortium in its dealings with the federal ministry, the project executing agency and the ministries in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Hesse.

Our services

  • Overall coordination of the project with over 50 consortium partners
  • Project organization and project office
  • External presentation/reporting, e.g. through “Ministerial Dialogs” in the respective federal states and through C/sells EPOS (energy industry positions)
  • External responsibility towards funding bodies, ministries, etc.
  • Overarching further development of the project approach in terms of content
  • Quality management in reporting
  • Reporting on the overall project
  • Provision and operation of a cooperation and collaboration platform for all project partners

Technical data

  • Approx. 30 million inhabitants in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Hesse
  • Turnover: EUR 77m, 54% funding
  • 42 partners and 15 associated partners
  • 44 cells, consisting of 9 participation cells and 35 demonstration cells
  • 2900 test persons
  • 52 model solutions
  • 7 blueprints – first-mover cells


Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, Berlin, Germany