Lai Chau 1200 MW Hydropower Plant, Vietnam

Lai Chau 1200 MW Hydropower Plant, Vietnam

The new Lai Chau Hydropower Plant is being constructed on the Song Da River in North Vietnam at the Chinese border. Three Francis turbines are projected to deliver around 4720 GWh/a. The grid connection is via a 500 kV GIS switchyard. Alongside power generation, the plant's function is to improve downstream water supplies during the dry season.

Our services

  • Project management
  • Design review for all civil works and electro-mechanical equipment
  • Supervision of construction, equipment installation and commissioning, with interface coordination

Technical data

  • Total capacity: 1200 MW
  • Dam height: 137 m
  • Crest length: 612 m
  • Maximum head: 95 m
  • Design discharge: 1.617 m³/s


Son La Hydropower Management Board (SLaMB), Hanoi, Vietnam