Selected project examples

Optimization of asset management of a water utility, Germany

Optimization of asset management of a water utility, Germany

The project aim was to upgrade the foundations and the systems of existing asset management practices and so raise transparency both within the company and externally, increase sustainability, and enhance the utility of investment and rehabilitation decisions. This was attained by applying the organizational principles of asset management together with the precepts of organizational development and process optimization as well as specialist concepts for operative asset management. The outcome was a newly conceived executive organization for the entire company. At the same time, the understanding of the roles between asset management and asset service was brought into sharp focus.

Our services

  • Definition of a process model
  • Creation of a process resource matrix
  • Analysis of personnel and non-personnel costs using Mekko Graphics
  • Identification of fields of activity and ranking these in order of priority
  • Working out and documenting plans of action
  • Ranking measures in order of priority
  • Evaluation of measures regarding their impact on the profit and loss account
  • Working out a communications concept
  • Drawing up an implementation roadmap


Harzwasserwerke GmbH, Hildesheim, Germany