Selected project examples

Asset management optimization of a water utility, Germany

Asset management optimization of a water utility, Germany

A German water utility planned to critically examine the implemented and actively promoted values regarding asset management and asset service. For this purpose Fichtner derived four options for the organizational placement of asset management, and their pros and cons were evaluated in this process. Subsequently, the tasks and interfaces between asset management and asset service were defined. Furthermore, essential processes such as that of budgeting were defined, personnel allocation in the area of asset management was estimated and an implementation roadmap was drawn up.

Our services

  • Description of tasks, competencies and responsibilities
  • Definition of asset management process and budgeting process
  • Interface description for asset management and operation
  • Deriving and assessing organizational options
  • Personnel allocation
  • Development of an implementation plan


Emschergenossenschaft Lippeverband, Essen, Germany