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GEOSTOR research project on submarine carbon dioxide storage, Germany

GEOSTOR research project on submarine carbon dioxide storage, Germany

The GEOSTOR project is studying whether and how it would be possible to store carbon dioxide (CO2) on an industrial scale in the geological formations of the German North Sea. In this project, Fichtner is working on the conceptual design of technologies for transport, compression and storage of CO2 for two selected sites in the German North Sea, as well as on the estimation of corresponding costs of the logistics chain in each case. By resolution of the German Parliament, the project is being funded by the Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).


German Marine Research Alliance (DAM) on marine carbon sinks in decarbonization pathways investigating different methods of marine CO2 removal and storage (alkalinization, blue carbon, artificial upwelling, CCS) in terms of their potential, risks and trade-offs and bringing them together in a transdisciplinary assessment framework.

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Image: Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR) – Depiction of the geology in the German exclusive economic zone (EEZ)

Our services

  • Technical concept development for CCS
  • Offshore engineering / underwater engineering
  • Gas engineering / storage engineering
  • Pipeline engineering / pipeline laying
  • Cost estimate

Technical data

  • Storage of up to 10 million t CO2 per year
  • Two alternative storage locations are being explored
  • Storage in saline aquifers


Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Berlin, Germany