Selected project examples

Quantitative risk assessment study for an LNG import terminal, Philippines


In connection with a projected power plant, the Philippine energy utility is looking into the possibility of constructing an LNG import terminal. As a component of the permitting procedure for the project, Fichtner prepared the quantitative risk analysis (QRA). The objective was to determine the risks and the mutual interactions between the planned facility and neighboring installations.

Our services

  • Hazard Identification to determine incident scenarios, hazards and hazardous events
  • Estimates of the extent of the consequences of identified hazardous events
  • Estimate of the probabilities of occurrence of identified hazardous events
  • Determination of risk level
  • Risk assessment to determine if the risk is within the acceptance criteria and, if necessary, identify additional mitigation measures to comply with the ‘as low as reasonably practicable’ (ALARP) principles


First Gen Corporation, Pasig City, Philippinen