Selected project examples

General planning of an 910 MW coal-fired unit, Germany

General planning of an 910 MW coal-fired unit, Germany

Rhine Port Thermal Power Plant is being extended by a state-of-the-art bituminous coal-fired generating unit rated 910 MWe. Alongside stand-alone contract sections concerning solely the new unit, there are extensive interfaces with existing cooling and fuel supply facilities, which had to be converted and upgraded without interruption to operation. Thanks to comprehensive in-furnace and post-combustion emission control measures, stack discharge of air pollutants was reduced to a minimum. Fichtner was awarded a contract as general planner for the entire project with higher level project management and coordination of all lot contractors.

Our services

  • Review of concept
  • Time scheduling and permit engineering
  • Drawing up tender documents
  • Contract award and coordination of over eighty contract lots
  • Detail engineering
  • Management of construction, installation and commissioning
  • monitoring of trial operation

Technical data

  • Gross electrical output: 910 MWe
  • District heating output up to 220 MWth
  • Ultra-supercritical steam parameters: 275 bar. 600°C
  • Electrical efficiency: over 46%
  • Overall efficiency of up to 58%


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