Energy efficiency program in public buildings, Montenegro

Energy efficiency program in public buildings, Montenegro

For upgrading the energy efficiency of public buildings and supported by a loan from the German KfW bank, public buildings, mostly schools but including preschool facilities and a student dormitory, were rehabilitated with regard to their energy parameters together with any necessary structural measures. Under a contract from KfW, Fichtner first conducted an appraisal of the existing situation during which the facilities were assessed and a plan of action for upgrading energy efficiency was worked out. As a follow-up, Fichtner oversaw implementation of the measures.

Our services

  • Screening of 40 targeted educational buildings
  • Conducting detailed energy audits for 30 selected educational buildings
  • Calculation of potential energy savings
  • Preparation of concept and final design
  • Drawing up tender documents and directing the tendering process
  • Supervision of construction works
  • Verification of effectiveness of energy efficiency measures
  • Assistance in setting up an energy efficiency training program

Technical data

  • On average >60% energy savings per institution
  • Approx. €35,000 annual savings per institution
  • > 450 MWh electricity savings
  • > 5000 t CO₂ reduction
  • Approx. 70,000 m² façade area and 100,000 m² plot area


Ministry of Economy Sector for Energy Efficiency, Podgorica, Montenegro