Selected project examples

Bank protection and flood control program, Bangladesh

Bank protection and flood control program, Bangladesh

Prompted by the frequency of flooding events, the Bangladesh Water Development Board has, with financial support from the World Bank, instituted the “River Bank Improvement Program” for flood control. Fichtner is helping the government water agency to prepare for and implement this program. In an initial project phase, we prepared a technical feasibility study, an economic analysis, environmental and social impact studies, a relocation concept, an O&M concept, the monitoring/evaluation framework and a finance administration system. We also prepared the detail planning.

Our services

  • Feasibility study
  • Detailed engineering and final design
  • Drawing up tender documents, conducting the tendering process with tender evaluation and assistance in contract award
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Economic and financial analyses
  • Socio-economic and sociological studies
  • Topographic survey, subsoil investigations and geotechnical calculations
  • Hydrological and morphological investigations
  • Conducting an environmental impact assessment

Technical data

  • Two river sections: 26 km and 24 km
  • Design flow: 110,000 m³/s; 4.5 m/s


Bangladesh Water Development Board BWDB, Dhaka, Bangladesh