Case Study: Enhancing Project Portfolio Management for a Water Utility Client in the Middle East

A client from the water utility sector in the Middle East required a more effective approach to delivering and governing their project portfolio. Fichtner was engaged to support in the transformation of their Project Management Offices, which was achieved through the strategic project management expertise of our PMO team. Fichtner’s targeted approach and systematic intervention not only improved our client’s portfolio management and project delivery capabilities, but also led to the client being recognized with the Project Management Institute (PMI) Award for Project Excellence.

The Challenge

The client, managing a vast portfolio of multi-billion-dollar projects, was grappling with time-critical project deliveries, budget overruns, the need for standardized project management processes, and the requirement for effective internal communication.

Fichtner’s Engagement

Fichtner was involved in providing a clear structure and strategy to the client’s project management framework. The engagement involved operating several Project Management Offices (PMOs) that each played a specific role in the client’s operations. The responsibilities of these PMOs spanned across strategic alignment of all projects and programs, governance of capital-intensive projects, and overseeing operations and maintenance projects.

To support these efforts and enable state-of-the-art project governance, Fichtner integrated industry-leading tools and software, including Power BI, Primavera, SAP, and Microsoft Office, into the corporation’s operations, facilitating data analysis and reporting, project management, enterprise resource planning, and training.

The Transformation

Fichtner’s strategic and systematic approach brought about a substantial transformation in the corporation’s project management capabilities. Strategic management of interdependencies, both within and outside the corporation, led to increased transparency and coordination, enhancing the overall project execution.

Fichtner’s expertise also contributed to a heightened awareness of benefits realization, an improved understanding of cost, schedule, and quality performance, and more efficient risk and issue management processes. These enhancements were underpinned by a focus on building the competencies of the client’s teams, thereby fostering a culture of excellence.

Recognition by PMI

The transformation under Fichtner’s guidance led the water utility corporation to be recognized with the PMI Award for Project Excellence. This prestigious award served as a testament to the corporation’s improved project management abilities, a success directly attributable to Fichtner’s strategic intervention.


Fichtner’s work with the water utility corporation stands as a compelling testament to how strategic project management can drive significant improvements in project delivery and operational efficiency. The success of this engagement underscores the transformative power of strategic planning, streamlined communication, and the implementation of standardized project management practice.