Selected project examples

Owner’s engineer for a PV-battery-diesel hybrid system, Bangladesh

Owner’s engineer for a PV-battery-diesel hybrid system, Bangladesh

The state-owned energy utility of Bangladesh is promoting the use of renewable energies to upgrade its mix of energy sources. To this end, several conventional power generation plants are to be additionally equipped with solar photovoltaics and other renewable energy forms. One of these projects is a PV-diesel off-grid hybrid system with a battery bank to accommodate load peaks. Fichtner prepared the conceptual design, drew up the tender documents and assisted in contract negotiations. Further, we monitored construction through regular site visits and conducted the acceptance and performance tests.

Our services

  • Conceptual design
  • Drawing up the tender documents
  • Assistance in contract negotiations
  • Check of EPC contractor’s designs
  • Project oversight during construction
  • Plant acceptance and performance tests

Technical data

  • Off-grid hybrid system: 2 MW diesel power plant and 2.2 MWp solar farm
  • Battery bank energy storage capacity: 5 MWh


Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB), Dhaka, Bangladesh