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Expert appraisal of a district heating concept, Austria

Expert appraisal of a district heating concept, Austria

Under contract to two Austrian supply utilities, Fichtner prepared an independent appraisal of a heat supply concept in which tie-in of a district heating transmission mains plays a primary role, with economic and technical aspects assessed. The numerous generators were optimally dispatched under economic criteria on the basis of detailed plant deployment calculations oriented to marginal heat generation costs. Additionally, various options for Innsbruck Sewage Treatment Plant to utilize the waste heat were investigated.

Our services

  • Economic and technical appraisal of district heating concepts
  • Detailed plant deployment calculations in order to optimize the heat generators
  • Investigation for utilization of the waste heat from Innsbruck Sewage Treatment Plant


IKB Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe AG, Innsbruck, Austria