Selected project examples

Engineering a seawater desalination plant, Palestine

Engineering a seawater desalination plant, Palestine

In the Gaza Strip, a new independent water supply system is being constructed with the support of the European Investment Bank. Fichtner was contracted to assist the Palestinian Water Authority for this project. A reverse osmosis plant for seawater desalination is planned to supply drinking water. A key task for our engineers is to design a secure power supply for this plant. For this purpose they checked various configurations, for example diesel generators in combination with photovoltaics, solar thermal and wind energy.

Our services

  • Review of basic design and development of concept design report
  • Site investigations and brine dispersion study
  • Concept design report for SWRO plant
  • Power supply study with different energy supply options
  • Terms of Reference for Environmental and Social Impact Assessment study
  • Financial model for desalination plant plus financial model for water utility
  • Tendering up to award of contract for two lots

Technical data

  • RO desalination plant capacity: 161,000 m³/d
  • Maximum power demand: 25 MW
  • Seawater demand: 18,900 m³/h
  • Seawater intake length: 1.8 km


EIB European Investment Bank, Luxemburg, Luxembourg