FICHTNER CONNECTED – Our New Corporate Blog with Annual Report

Our new corporate blog FICHTNER CONNECTED is online – and with it our 2022 annual report. Fichtner has taken the milestone of its 100th anniversary as an opportunity to look ahead and take another step towards the future. To this end, we are breaking with cherished “traditions” and integrating the printed annual report into the new corporate blog for communication reasons as well as environmental ones.

There we have compiled some observations on trends, important projects and insights from them, and on facts and figures that not only reflect the past Fichtner year but also provide a glimpse into the future.

As a sign of change, the blog will become our primary medium for topical discussions on issues and projects, to report on technical and human aspects, and to do so in a more international and informative way.

We hope you enjoy browsing through the site and reading its articles.

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