Selected project examples

Upgrading water supply and sanitation in Mbeya, Tanzania

Upgrading water supply and sanitation in Mbeya, Tanzania

The objective of this EU- and KfW-financed municipal water management project was to improve water supply and sanitation of the district capital of Mbeya in the southern highlands of Tanzania by rehabilitation and new construction of facilities, continuous reduction of water loss rates, and construction of additional water extraction and distribution systems. Fichtner oversaw the project from drawing up a plan of action, through tendering and site supervision, up to project management and conducting public awareness building campaigns with organizational strengthening of the municipal water authorities.

Our service

  • Data survey and analysis
  • Hydraulic investigations
  • Preliminary design
  • Final design
  • Tender documentation, tender evaluation and assisting in contract award
  • Awareness building
  • Public / community relations
  • Construction supervision

Technical data

  • 6 potable water treatment plants of capacities 20-150 l/s
  • 5 river intakes
  • 10 reinforced concrete reservoirs (500 - 5000 m³)
  • 5 pumping stations
  • about 60 km of transmission mains (up to DN 400)
  • 12 district meter supply zones
  • 415 km of distribution network
  • 45 km of sanitary sewers (ND 200 - ND 400)
  • 1 wastewater treatment plant (pond system) for 50,000 p.e. including fecal sludge treatment


Mbeya Urban Water and Sewerage Authority, Mbeya, Tanzania