Selected project examples

Upgrading energy efficiency for water supply, Jordan

Upgrading energy efficiency for water supply, Jordan

Jordan’s water supply system is very energy intensive and accounts for a share of 15% in the country’s entire power demand. A German-funded program has the aim of raising the energy efficiency of this sector. For example, pumping stations and groundwater extraction were optimized. A focus of these activities was the electro-mechanical equipment of the infrastructure, for example SCADA systems for automatic plant control. Fichtner was responsible for planning and site supervision of the activities. The aim was to cut energy demand to 60 GWh/a.

Our services

  • Economic and financial analyses
  • Hydraulic investigations
  • Conducting an environmental impact assessment
  • Detailed engineering design and final design
  • Drawing up tender documents, conducting the tendering process with tender evaluation and assistance in contract award
  • Staff training
  • Privatization study
  • Consulting services for private sector participation

Technical data

  • Rehabilitation of 105 wells and 17 pumping stations
  • Energy savings: 60 GWh/a


Water Authority of Jordan Ministry of Water & Irrigation, Amman, Jordan