Selected project examples

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) capacity building in Kosovo

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) capacity building in Kosovo

For the projected construction of a coal-fired power plant near Prishtina, a geological scoping study was conducted. Our mining specialists identified and evaluated potential storage formations in Kosovo and its neighboring countries Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro, and described transportation and injection scenarios under technical and cost aspects. Further, we assessed the legal situation under EU legislation.

Our services

  • Estimate of CO2 storage potentials
  • Development of CCS scenarios for capture, transportation and storage
  • Evaluation of the regulations of the EU CCS Directive
  • Preliminary cost estimate for development of the identified repositories
  • Cost estimate for construction of a CO2 pipeline
  • Training courses and workshops
  • Economic / financial analyses
  • Site search and selection
  • Preliminary and feasibility studies


The World Bank USA, Washington D.C., USA