Selected project examples

Transaction structure for privately financed geothermal projects, Indonesia


The Indonesian Government plans to restructure the geothermal sector with the aim of better exploiting the country´s extensive geothermal resources and to improve the flow of private capital to construct geothermal power plants. The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources contracted Fichtner to draw up competitive tendering procedures with standard documents for developing geothermal sites for which concessions have not yet been awarded. A further job package concerns developing incentives for expansion of power generation capacities in geothermal fields that have already been assigned to investors.

Our services

  • Design a complete set of procedures for competitive tendering for geothermal development sites at geothermal fields for which concessions have not yet been granted (greenfields)
  • Design and prepare an incentive package that would catalyze expansion of power generation capacity in existing geothermal fields already allocated to specific developers (brownfields)


MoE Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia