Pilot project for a 30/60 MWh battery storage facility, Jordan

Pilot project for a 30/60 MWh battery storage facility, Jordan

Thanks to the country's rapid expansion of solar photovoltaics (PV) and wind energy, Jordan has established itself as a trailblazer for the transition to renewable energies in the Middle East. By 2021, 1600 MW of PV and 715 MW of wind energy are scheduled to be grid connected, the majority of which will have been developed with Fichtner's assistance. However, the high share of volatile energy generation results not only in lower electricity costs and less dependency on oil and gas imports, but also presents new challenges regarding grid quality and availability. In response to this, Fichtner in collaboration with the Jordanian Ministry of Energy and the transmission system operator, NEPCO, has analyzed the potential for battery energy storage and, in the role of Transaction Advisor, is providing support for implementing a pilot project. This project involves developing a novel BOO model, which enables the grid operator to flexibly dispatch the electrical storage facility whenever the need arises.

Our services

  • Analysis of technical and commercial potential
  • Plant concept
  • Technical interconnection requirements
  • Devising a grid code for electricity storage in Jordan
  • Elaborating a transaction strategy
  • Compiling the tender documents for construction and operation on a BOO basis
  • Drawing up a storage lease agreement
  • Undertaking the tendering procedure
  • Bidder selection and contract negotiations

Technical data

  • Electrical storage power rating: 30 MW
  • Electrical storage capacity: 60 MWh


MEMR – Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources, Amman, Jordan