Selected project examples

Optimized solution for lock management on the River Danube, Germany


With the aim of cutting waiting times at locks through their better utilization and more efficient procedures, Fichtner developed a new IT solution on behalf of Regensburg Water and Navigation Authority. The heart of this lock management software is a high-performance optimization algorithm working on the basis of signals from the automatic identification system (AIS) for locating ships. As well as configuring the IT system, we handled installation, customization and integration of system components. This software is initially deployed in the Regensburg Control Center that is responsible for several locks on the River Danube. It is intended that this solution will later find application at other federal German waterways.

Our services

  • Configuration of the IT system
  • Installation and customization
  • Integration of system components


Wasser- und Schifffahrtsamt Regensburg, Germany