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Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) for hydropower plants, Sudan

Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) for hydropower plants, Sudan
In connection with the feasibility studies for the Shereik and Kajbar hydropower plants, Fichtner has been entrusted with the environmental and social impact assessments. As part of this task climate change impacts were assessed and climate risks analyzed. Additionally, an implementation schedule and environmental management plan are drawn up and an investigation made of the institutional and statutory framework.

Our services

  • Two full environmental and social impact assessments
  • Review of legal and institutional framework
  • Baseline data survey
  • Comprehensive public consultation plan and program
  • Identification, analysis and assessment of potential impacts of the proposed dam works
  • Preparation of an environmental management plan and resettlement action plan
  • Stakeholder consultations and capacity building of the executing agency

Technical data

  • Power rating (Kajbar / Shereik): 360 MW / 420 MW
  • Heights of the dams: 31 m / 44 m
  • Lengths of the dams: 2239 m / 3605 m


Ministry of Water Resources & Electricity, Dams Implementation Unit, Khartoum, Sudan