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Editing system for rail track sections on the basis of a WEB GIS, Germany

Editing system for rail track sections on the basis of a WEB GIS, Germany
DB Netz is responsible for safe operation and for maintenance of the rail network of 34,000 km total length. This corporate objective can only be met if current information on the network and its facilities is made available. The aim is to replace the existing Excel-based reporting of changes to rail section attributes by the STREDA.X reporting tool, which applies a map-based, user-friendly editing process that is accessed via the Web with just a browser.

Our services

  • Application development
  • Process consultancy
  • Design and implementation of data models for geo-Web applications
  • Oracle performance optimization
  • Development of geo-Web applications
  • Hosting of geo-Web applications
  • Specialist knowledge concerning acquisition and administration of rail network data
  • Editing system for data processing

Technical data

  • Geo-Web services in conformity with the Open GIS Consortium (OGC)
  • OSS frameworks: ExtJs 3.4.0, OpenLayers, GeoExt, jQuery
  • Geo-database Oracle 11g
  • Web-based geo-viewer application
  • Hosting and application management of Web-based geo applications
  • Replication service
  • Role-based authentication and authorization


DB Netz AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany