Selected project examples

Technical support and site supervision for a regional waste management project, Turkey

Deponie Kusadasi

The EU-financed Solid Waste Management Project in Kusadasi District encompassed construction of a new 36 ha landfill with a total capacity of 1,500,000 m³ together with a pilot sorting and composting plant, as well as provision of recycling centers in each of the participating communities of the Kus-Atak Municipal Union. Furthermore, five waste landfills were rehabilitated or closed, and the collection systems for household waste and recyclable materials optimized.

Our services

  • Tender evaluation and assistance in contract award for construction of a new landfill
  • Construction supervision as ‘The Engineer’, as defined in the FIDIC Red Book rules
  • Planning and compilation of tender documents in accordance with EU Procurement Guidelines (PRAG) and the FIDIC Red Book for closure of the dumps
  • Institutional set-up of a local authorities association
  • Preparation of tender documents for supply and operation contracts

Technical data

  • New landfill capacity: 1.5 million m³ on 36 ha


CFCU Turkey Central Finance and Contracts Unit, Ankara, Turkey