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Mitarbeiter von Fichtner sind gefragte Fachautoren und Referenten. Im Folgenden einige Veröffentlichungen und Vorträge unserer Mitarbeiter:

Jahr Titel/Autor Veröffentlichung
2021 Comparison of Grid-Following and Grid-Forming Control in Weak AC System
– Wang, Z.; Hibberts-Caswell, R.; Oprea,L.
Proc. of the International Conference on Electrical, Computer and Energy Technologies (ICECET), 9-10 December 2021, Cape Town-South Africa
2021 Sektorkopplung zur Integration Erneuerbarer Energien – Methodisches Vorgehen einer optimierten Anlagendimensionierung
– Dr. Florian Klumpp
OVE-Energietechnik-Tagung in Linz, 06.10.2021
2021 Mit Wasserstoff in die Zukunft – Chancen für kommunale Unternehmen
– Schlegel, M.; Broich, O.
e|m|w Heft 04|2021;
2021 Success Factors for the Implementation of Renewable Energy Projects in Combination with Green Hydrogen Production
– Dr. Florian Klumpp
Online Event – Successful Implementation of Renewables Energies Projects in Kuwait, GCC and the EU, Wednesday 7 April 2021
2021 Challenges of developing hydro projects individually as part of a cascade
– Heider, M.; Schäfer, P.; et al.
International Journal on hydropower and dams, Issue 1 2021
2020 Analysis of Fault Location Methods for HVDC Transmission Systems Using Overhead Lines and Cables
– Lenz, M.; Oprea, L.; Popescu, V.; Hibberts-Caswell, R.
published in proceedings of VDE Symposium Hochspannungstechnik 2020 - ISBN 978-3-8007-5353-6
2020 What does the future hold for hydrogen?
– Matthias Schlegel
German-Saudi Business Magazine (GSBM), 20. December 2020, page 26
2020 Floating Offshore Wind: On the Pathway Towards Commercialization? – A Snapshot
– Dr. Markus Lerch
2020 Green hydrogen based on wind power – Methodology how to dimension the system
– Dr. Florian Klumpp
WIND ENERGY HAMBURG, DAY 2, WABinars 4, 02.12.2020
2020 Green Hydrogen – Transport as enabler for viable value chains and an energy partnership between GCC and EU
– Dr. Florian Klumpp
The EU Hydrogen Online Forum in the UAE: Hydrogen, the Energy Carrier of the Future, 25. November 2020
2020 Energiesysteme der Zukunft
– Klumpp, F.; Turek, N.; Zech, D.; Altvater, C.
VBI-Magazin Beratende Ingenieure, 5/6 2020, Seite 21-23
2020 Application of non-SF6 gases or gas-mixtures in medium and high voltage gasinsulated switchgear
– Dr. Bernhard Lutz, et al.
Cigre Technical Brochure No.802, May 2020
2019 A joint approach to safety, security and resilience using the functional resonance analysis method
– Jan Schäfer-Frey, et al.
8th REA Symposium Embracing Resilience: Scaling up and Speeding up, Kalmar, Sweden, June 24-27, 2019
2019 Non-resilient behavior of offshore wind farms due to cyber-physical attacks
– Reuter, A.; Eichhorn, O.; et al.
8th REA Symposium Embracing Resilience: Scaling up and Speeding up, Kalmar, Sweden, June 24-27, 2019
2019 Approach for a comprehensive definition of the electrical interface between HVDC converter and cable
– Schell, F.; Beckler, S.; Exl, F.; Reisbeck, J.
Jicable 2019, Versailles, 23-27 June 2019
2019 Dynamic Performance of VSC and LCC HVDC Converters in Parallel Operation
– Hibberts-Caswell, R.; Oprea, L.
International Power Systems Transients Conference IPST 2019, Perpignan, 16-20 June 2019
2019 Nkula A Rehabilitation Project, Malawi Fast Track Rehabilitation − Challenges and Opportunities of Rehabilitations with Timely Limited Funding
– Enderle, R.; von Büren, H.; Guimond, R.
Hydropower & Dams Conference AFRICA 2019, 2.-4. April 2019, Windhoek, Namibia
2019 Experiences with RMC during the Implementation of the Mt. Coffee Emergency Spillway
– Wetzel, A.; Trifkovic, A.; Kruger, G.; Hakin, W.
Hydropower & Dams Conference AFRICA 2019, 2.-4. April 2019, Windhoek, Namibia
2019 Hybrid Power Plants systems in Africa − Introduction of Hybrid Configurator PV-Hydro in Zambia
– Palt, S.; Wetzel, A.; Stickel, M.; Scholz, Ch.
Hydropower & Dams Conference AFRICA 2019, 2.-4. April 2019, Windhoek, Namibia
2019 Capacity Credit – Optimal system planning with growing shares of renewables
– Dr. Florian Klumpp
The Energy Partnership between the UAE and Germany - BMWi and UAE Ministry of Energy and Industry, Expert and Industry Workshop, Abu Dhabi, 15 January 2019
2018 Fichtner Talks: Die Branche lernt das Dienen
– Dr. Albrecht Reuter
Energiewirtschaftliche Tagesfragen 68. Jg. (2018) Heft 12
2018 Design considerations for an HVDC VSC Back-to-Back converter in parallel operation with HVDC LCC Back-to-Back converter
– Hibberts-Caswell, R.; Oprea, L.; Salimi, M.
VDE ‘Hochspannungstechnik 2018’ Symposium, 12-14.11.2018, Berlin, Germany
2018 Efficient Evaluation and Ranking of 8 Hydropower sites in Indonesia based on HPC Software and a Multi Criteria Analysis
– Mohringer, T.; Efthymiou, N.; Schaefer, P.; Cahya, D.; Ardhiyangga, N.
Hydropower & Dams Conference HYDRO 2018, 15-17 October 2018, Gdansk, Poland
2018 Taylored Screening of potential hydropower sites in a large region using GIS and global data resources
– Thapa, P.; Schaefer, P.; Palt, S.
Hydropower & Dams Conference HYDRO 2018, 15-17 October 2018, Gdansk, Poland
2018 Capacity Credit − Ein wichtiger Indikator im Zusammenhang mit Möglichkeiten, Energie aus konventionellen Quellen durch erneuerbare Quellen zu ersetzen, ist der sogenannte „Capacity Credit“. Um ihn zu berechnen, wurden bereits entsprechende Modelle und Software entwickelt.
– Klumpp, F.; Schnell, C.
WI − Wirtschaftsnachrichten der AHK in Polen, 08/2018, Seite 43
2018 Capacity Credit − Contribution of Renewable Energy to Reliability in the Power System of the Future
– Klumpp, F.; Nasser, T.
Dubai Solar Show/WETEX, Dubai, 24. October 2018
2018 Analyses and evaluation of power quality aspects in a low-voltage network with regard to a high penetration of decentralized generation and charging infrastructure
– Jochen Zumpe, Johanna Eppler
2nd E-Mobility Power System Integration Symposium, Stockholm, 15. October 2018
2018 SmartEnergyHub (SEH) - Energy Management Tool based on Smart Data and Forecasts
– Nino Turek
E-world - SmartER Europe Conference 2018, 08.02.2018, Essen
2018 Netzbewirtschaftung dezentraler Energiesysteme, Lokale Netzsicherheit – vom Problem zum Produkt
– Nino Turek
E-world - Smart Tech Forum 2018, 08.02.2018, Essen
2017 C/sells: Keimzellen der digitalen Energiewende ‒ So funktioniert die Energiewende in Deutschlands größter Modellregion
– Dr. Albrecht Reuter
Ingenieurspiegel 4 | 2017
2017 C/sells: Incubators of the IT-driven Energy Transition ‒ How the Energy Transition in Germany's Biggest Model Region Functions
– Dr. Albrecht Reuter
Ingenieurspiegel 4 | 2017
2017 Rehabilitation of Péligre Hydro Plant in Haiti
– Brost, V.; Turq, T.; Racine, L.
Hydropower & Dams Conference Hydro 2017, 9-11 October 2017, Seville, Spain
2017 Emergency Spillway for the Mt Coffee Hydropower Plant in Liberia
– Stangl, M.; Trifkovic, A.; Hakin, W.
Hydropower & Dams Conference Hydro 2017, 9-11 October 2017, Seville, Spain
2017 Contribution to Sediment Management at the Drin river hydropower cascade, Albania
– Efthymiou, N.; Schäfer, P.; Hildebrand, H.; Palt, S.; Bundo, F.
Hydropower & Dams Conference Hydro 2017, 9-11 October 2017, Seville, Spain
2017 Flexibility in thermal power plants – With a focus on existing coal-fired power plant
– Klumpp, F.; Ess, F.; Peter, F.
Agora Energiewende, June 2017
2017 Smart Energy Hub - Daten- und Prognosebasiertes Energiemanagement am Flughafen Stuttgart
– Nino Turek
2. interCOGEN - KWK-Praktiker-Konferenz, K1B Industrie-, Gewerbe, Dienstleistungen, 28. Juni 2017
2016 Application of STATCOMs to Oil and Gas Power Networks - Case Study of Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO)
– El-Irani, A.; Oprea, L.; Suad Al Hosani, K.
Proceedings of 12th International Conference “GCC Power 2016”, Qatar 8-10 November 2016
2016 Erfolgsfaktoren von Großprojekten und Value Management
– Gagsch, B.; Schüle, J.
WasserWirtschaft 10/2016,
2016 Optimización del diseño del diámetro económico de la tubería forzada para centrales hidroeléctricas
– E. Ayros, E. Chuquipiondo Vargas
XXVII Congreso Latinoamericano de Hidráulica, Lima Perú, 28-30 Sept. 2016
2016 Análisis comparativo de los parámetros de diseño de una toma tipo tirolesas y una convencional
– E. Ayros, F. Cabello, O. Vallejos, E. Guevarra
XXVII Congreso Latinoamericano de Hidráulica, Lima Perú, 28-30 Sept. 2016
2016 Determination of voltage stress in case of operation of a hybridHVAC/HVDC transmission line
– Woodford, D.; Barthold, L.; Oprea, L.; Ullrich, S.; Fuchs, A.
Electric Power Systems Research Journal - Volume 138, September 2016, pages 131-137, Elsevier Science
2016 Global Trends in Utility-Scale Solar Power
– Kretschmann, J.; Becerra Cruz, J.L.; Scholz, C.
Project Finance International May 18 2016
2016 The projected precipitation reduction over the central Andes may severely affect Peruvian glacier and hydropower production
– M. Kronenberg, s. Schauwecker, C. Huggel, N. Salzmann, F. Drenkhan, H. Frey, C. Giraldez, W. Gurgiser, G. Kaser, I. Juen, W. Suarez, J. Garcia, Javier F., E. Ayros, B. Perry, A. Seimon, M. Rohrer
Energy Procedia 00 (2016), Elsevier. General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union (EGU)
2016 Comparison of large-scale energy storage technologies
– Klumpp, F.
ICE Virtual Library, March 29, 2016
2016 Asset Management in der Wasserversorgung: Tun Sie, was Sie müssen, und lassen Sie, was Sie können?
– Gagsch, B.; Donner, C.
energie | wasser-praxis, 08/2016
2016 Molten Metal Storage – Large-Scale Energy Storage for the Integration of Renewable Energies
– Klumpp, F
10th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES 2016) 17 March 2016 - Düsseldorf
2015 Hybrid AC-DC Transmission Lines HVAC circuits and HVDC systems in close vicinity - reflections regarding clearances
– Fuchs A.; Oprea L.; Ullrich S.
International High Voltage Direct Current 2015 Conference, Seoul, Korea, 18.-22. Oktober 2015
2015 The network connection of Niehl 3 CCPP - Germany’s first 380kV longdistance cable project since the Bewag projects in 2000
– Schell F.; Uhlenküken H.
9. International Conference on Insulated Power Cables, Jicable'15, Versailles 21.-25. Juni 2015
2015 Determination of Voltage Stress in Case of Operation of a Hybrid HVAC/HVDC Transmission Line
– Oprea, L.; Ulrich, S.; Fuchs, A. et al.
International Conference on Power Systems Transients (IPST2015), Cavtat, Kroatien, 15.-18. Juni 2015
2015 Energieeffizienz im Bergbau, Rohstoffgespräch - Projektbewertung im internationalen Bergbau
– Stuible A.; Linder K.J.
Fachvereinigung Auslandsbergbau und internationale Rohstoffaktivitäten (FAB), 9.- 10. Juni 2015, Stuttgart
2015 Offshore Generation Cable Connections
– Pedro Miguel Fernandes Cavaleiro et al.
Cigre Technical Brochure No. 610, 2015
2014 Evaluierung von Einzelmaßnahmen zur Nutzung erneuerbarer Energien im Wärmemarkt (Marktanreizprogramm) für den Zeitraum 2012 bis 2014
– Stuible, A.; Zech, D.; Kohberg, T.; Wülbeck, H.-F. et al.
BMU -, Juli 2014
2014 Market Update Germany and Cost Reduction Potentials of Offshore Wind Power in German
– Peter Heinrich
Dutch - American - German - Offshore Wind Summit 2014, 19.05.2014, Hamburg
2014 Implementation of a 7.5 MW PV-diesel hybrid system as pilot project on an island in the bay of Bengal, Bangladesh
– Fabian Kuhn
7. International PV-Hybrid and Mini-Grid Conference, Bad Hersfeld, 11. April 2014
2014 Kostensenkungspotenziale der Offshore-Windenergie in Deutschland - Ergebnisse der Prognos/Fichtner-Studie 2013
– Peter Heinrich
VDI-Zentrum Ressourceneffizienz: Fachgespräch zur Ressourceneffizienz in der Windenergie, Hamburg, 25. März 2014
2014 Albrecht Reuter
– Interview mit Dr. Albrecht Reuter, Vorstand Fichtner IT Consulting GmbH und Vorsitzender des Vorstands der „Smart-Grids-Plattform Baden-Württemberg e.V.“
Fachzeitschrift ew 3/2014
2014 The German and Croatian Electricity market - Parallels and Consequences
– Stuible, A.; Linder, K. J.
Energy Investment Forum 2014, 26.- 27. Februar 2014, Zagreb
2014 Erarbeitung einer Asset-Management-Konzeption für die Harzwasserwerke - Grundlage für eine transparente Budgetstrategie
– Schumüller, S.; Gagsch, B.; Berger, A.; Heimerl, S.; Beck, M.
Dresdner Wasserbauliche Mitteilungen (2014), Heft 50, S. 89-98
2014 Hydraulische Strömungsmaschinen für kleine Durchflüsse und niedrige Fallhöhen
– Heimerl, S.; Kohler, B.
Bulletin Electrosuisse 105 (2014), S. 31-37
2014 GIS-basierte Standortsuche für Pumpspeicherwerke in Norwegen
– Pöhler, Th.; Schäfer, P.
Wasserwirtschaft, Heft 1/2 2014, S. 86-89