Selected project examples

“Future Source. Water for Generations“ project of the Lake Constance Water Supply Association, Germany


To ensure a secure and climate-resilient drinking water supply for the coming decades, the Lake Constance Water Supply Association has launched the “Future Source. Water for Generations” project.

This project involves modernizing the existing waterworks at Sipplinger Berg, with Fichtner Water & Transportation contracted to provide engineering services for integration of the existing Süßenmühle source station as well as construction of the new Pfaffental source station. A total of three new lake waterworks with ultrafiltration plants as well as independent extraction pipes from Lake Constance are planned, which will feed the ultrafiltrated Lake Constance water to the water treatment plant being modernized on Sipplinger Berg.

A reliable, high-performance and efficient power supply is also a prerequisite for a future-proof drinking water supply. Fichtner’s head office has been contracted to engineer the entire power supply for the project. This includes the conversion and new-build of switchgear, cable connections and emergency power systems as well as the civil engineering design of the associated switchgear buildings at several locations.

Fichtner Management Consulting supported this major project right at the early planning phase with a value management approach to ensure an optimum balance of function, time and cost-effectiveness at various quality gates.

Our services

  • Hydraulic calculations
  • Piping stress calculations
  • Planning the engineering structures (including structural engineering) and the technical equipment: baseline assessment, preliminary design, basic design, permit application planning
  • Coordinated pipeline and cable planning
  • Planning a new 110 kV outdoor switchgear with service building and HV cable connection including permit application planning
  • Planning the internal power supply network of Lake Constance Water Supply Association including emergency power systems and network calculations
  • Planning the required switchgear buildings and other buildings of the power supply system
  • Planning the construction power supply, e.g. for the tunnel boring machine
  • Developing concrete optimization approaches for the overall project (value management)

Technical data

  • Buried pipelines up to DN 1800
  • Max. flow rate per source station: 29,400 m³/h
  • Max. flow rate per source pool (2 pools per station): 15,100 m³/h


Lake Constance Water Supply Association, Stuttgart, Germany