Selected project examples

Design and planning for the data center and infrastructure including IT halls and control room, Germany


The design and planning is done to rebuild the infrastructure for a data center including IT halls and a control room for the client in the energy industry. The project complies with the highest safety standards; Furthermore, the data center is certified according to TÜV-IT Level 4 (very high protection requirements). To ensure spatial redundancy, the building is divided into separate areas that are duplicated at the necessary locations and that are designed independently of one another. (HOAI service phases 1-9).


Photo: TransnetBW GmbH / Ferdinando Iannone

Our services

  • Design services, including Technical building equipment.
  • Redundant Power supply & UPS for critical loads
  • Cooling system for IT racks
  • Building automation / building control technology.
  • User-specific systems (server cabinets and LAN cabling)
  • Sewage and water systems / Design of the systems within the building and analysis of the location requirements.
  • Refrigeration system / planning of the refrigeration supply for all important components.

Technical data

  • 250 racks
  • Capacity: 1.5 MW


TransnetBW GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany