Selected project examples

Independent Engineer for Noor-Ouarzazate Solar Power Plant Complex, Morocco


A solar power plant complex, consisting of three CSP plants with a total capacity of 510 MW and a photovoltaic plant, has been built in southern Morocco. Fichtner was appointed as Independent Engineer for the three solar thermal power plants “Noor 1” to “Noor 3”. In this role, we were entrusted with the factory and site acceptance tests as well as with overseeing commissioning and certifying the principal components. We also assessed the plant performance and reliability tests together with the associated performance models.

Our services

  • Reviewing inspection procedures and test programs
  • Factory and site acceptance tests
  • Supervising commissioning and issuing the commissioning certificates
  • Supervising the plant performance and reliability tests and issuing the performance certificates
  • Reviewing the power plant performance models

Technical data

  • Noor 1: Parabolrinnen-Kraftwerk mit 160 MWe elektrischer Leistung
  • Noor 2: Parabolrinnen-Kraftwerk mit 200 MWe elektrischer Leistung
  • Noor 3: Solarturm-Kraftwerk mit 150 MWe elektrischer Leistung


ACWA Power Ouarzazate (APO), Rabat, Morocco
MASEN, Rabat, Morocco