Selected Project Examples

100 MLD Minjur Desalination Plant, India

100 MLD Minjur Desalination Plant, India

Built according to the “Design, Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (DBOOT)” model, the desalination plant on the northern outskirts of Chennai, a metropolis home to millions of people, is based on reverse osmosis membrane technology, processing 235 MLD (million liters per day) of seawater to obtain 100 MLD of drinking water. Following pre-treatment to remove suspended solids, the dissolved solids are removed from the feedwater in the reverse osmosis membranes. The subsequent treatment disinfects and remineralizes the water. A water pipeline with a diameter of one meter carries the finished product water to the municipal distribution system in Chennai.

Services of Fichtner India

  • Detailed engineering services covering
  • - Civil Engineering
  • - Mechanical / Piping Engineering
  • - Electrical Engineering
  • Quality audit during construction

Technical data

  • Plant capacity: 100 MLD (million liters per day)
  • Energy-efficient SWRO (seawater reverse osmosis) treatment process with pressure exchangers with a 45% recovery rate
  • Automated plant with SCADA control (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)


Befesa Infrastructure India Private Limited, Chennai, India
Ultimate client: CMWSSB – Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board, India