Publications and Papers

Fichtner employees are in demand as authors and speakers. There follows a selection of our staff's publications and presentations.

Year Author/Year Publication date
2017 C/sells: Incubators of the IT-driven Energy Transition ‒ How the Energy Transition in Germany's Biggest Model Region Functions
– Dr. Albrecht Reuter
Ingenieurspiegel 4 | 2017
2017 Flexibility in thermal power plants – With a focus on existing coal-fired power plant
– Klumpp, F.; Ess, F.; Peter, F.
Agora Energiewende, June 2017
2016 Application of STATCOMs to Oil and Gas Power Networks - Case Study of Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO)
– El-Irani, A.; Oprea, L.; Suad Al Hosani, K.
Proceedings of 12th International Conference “GCC Power 2016”, Qatar 8-10 November 2016
2016 Determination of voltage stress in case of operation of a hybridHVAC/HVDC transmission line
– Woodford, D.; Barthold, L.; Oprea, L.; Ullrich, S.; Fuchs, A.
Electric Power Systems Research Journal - Volume 138, September 2016, pages 131-137, Elsevier Science
2016 Global Trends in Utility-Scale Solar Power
– Kretschmann, J.; Becerra Cruz, J.L.; Scholz, C.
Project Finance International May 18 2016
2016 Comparison of large-scale energy storage technologies
– Klumpp, F.
ICE Virtual Library, March 29, 2016
2016 Molten Metal Storage – Large-Scale Energy Storage for the Integration of Renewable Energies
– Klumpp, F
10th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES 2016) 17 March 2016 - Düsseldorf
2015 Hybrid AC-DC Transmission Lines HVAC circuits and HVDC systems in close vicinity - reflections regarding clearances
– Fuchs A.; Oprea L.; Ullrich S.
International High Voltage Direct Current 2015 Conference, Seoul, Korea, 18.-22. Oktober 2015
2015 The network connection of Niehl 3 CCPP - Germany’s first 380kV longdistance cable project since the Bewag projects in 2000
– Schell F.; Uhlenküken H.
9. International Conference on Insulated Power Cables, Jicable'15, Versailles 21.-25. Juni 2015
2015 Determination of Voltage Stress in Case of Operation of a Hybrid HVAC/HVDC Transmission Line
– Oprea, L.; Ulrich, S.; Fuchs, A. et al.
International Conference on Power Systems Transients (IPST2015), Cavtat, Kroatien, 15.-18. Juni 2015
2015 Offshore Generation Cable Connections
– Pedro Miguel Fernandes Cavaleiro et al.
Cigre Technical Brochure No. 610, 2015
2014 Market Update Germany and Cost Reduction Potentials of Offshore Wind Power in German
– Peter Heinrich
Dutch - American - German - Offshore Wind Summit 2014, 19.05.2014, Hamburg
2014 Implementation of a 7.5 MW PV-diesel hybrid system as pilot project on an island in the bay of Bengal, Bangladesh
– Fabian Kuhn
7. International PV-Hybrid and Mini-Grid Conference, Bad Hersfeld, 11. April 2014
2014 The German and Croatian Electricity market - Parallels and Consequences
– Stuible, A.; Linder, K. J.
Energy Investment Forum 2014, 26.- 27. Februar 2014, Zagreb