Fichtner at HYDRO 2023 in Edinburgh

Join us at HYDRO 2023 Conference at the Edinburgh International Congress Centre, Scotland, from 16th to 18th October 2023 and visit us at our booth (number 207). In addition, the experts from our UK subsidiary Fichtner Consulting Engineers and Fichtner Head Office provide interesting insights into topical issues.

Fichtner continues to innovate in the hydropower sector by offering the latest engineering solutions for the future ahead.

We are looking forward for an interactive session during the presentations of our experts:

16th October – Session 7

  • R. Enderle, S. Palt, E. Yildiz and  M. Neuenschwander
    Considerations of adequate contracts and contract types for large underground pumped-storage plants: Experiences of the FIDIC Emerald Book for the Paldiski underground PSP

17th October – Session 18

  • P. Thapa, S. Schroers, P. Schäfer and S. Palt
    The PumpIT pumped storage projects identification tool: An advanced GIS-based approach
  • B. Stabel and T. Clegg
    New life for historic slate quarries by accommodating a 100 MW pumped-storage scheme

17th October – Session 21

  • S. Cohen, S. Palt, N. Ruse
    Construction of the 344 MW Kokhav Hayarden pumped-storage plant in Israel

18th October – Session 28

  • K. Lochschmidt, V. Brost, S. Palt and A. Doerfer
    Implementation of the 16 MW Gaildorf hybrid wind-pumped storage plant in Germany

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